Friday, March 26, 2010

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Work, school, chores, errands, commuting & tasks of the day to day all conspire to keep us drained. It's easier to not write than to write, much of the time.Just because April is National poetry Month won't change that & in fact, gigs and obligations to celebrate may crowd our heads & time even more.Sometimes the most difficult part of the 30/30 (or 365) challenges is just coming up with something to write.So with that in mind, we'll keep a running list of free write prompts, too. Simple, silly, puzzle pieces, mad libs, just something to get going.

Two of our favorite sites are (credit where it's due, if you utilize her prompts, give her shout) and!/writersblockpoetry?ref=ts
feel free to add more!

Prompt #1
(from Billy Tuggle & adapted by KG)

write a list of the first 30 favorite words that come to mind in ten minutes
pick 5 to look up in the dictionary
pick 5 to look up in a thesaurus
use all 30 words in a poem, but with the first 5, use a definition that isn't the main one
& the second five, use a different word or an antonym

Prompt #2
(from recent conversation with Mariangela Mihai)

Think of your life as a series of wrong turns & f* ups.
Pick one or two stupid incidents or decisions
Imagine an alternate outcome
Write about the incident and how the reality of your mistake
has made your life more interesting, not boring
Or right about the alternate outcome as boring, less interesting.

Prompt #3
(taken from the rink last night)

"Learn how to be more green & environmentally conscious
the ice hockey way"

Prompt # 4
(from Cliterati)

Write about your crushes

where do they rustle? how do your crushes move or appear around you?
from under the bed? inside the closet? on the walk home from the bar?
your closet? your tool shed? the garage? how does someone who occupies your imagination
appear to you in your thoughts?

Prompt #5

use variations, an assortment, a pair or all of these activities in a poem

flight delay


biting fingernails

staring into middle distance

shopping for a gift

reading a book you wish would end

breaking a plastic fork

~Thank you for playing & look for more as National Poetry Month arrives.
Take out your chips & dip in to some prompts if you're feeling a little dry.

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