Thursday, April 8, 2010

11.30 For a Woman with 2 1st Names

more than amazing cleavage
i am mesmerized by her dresses
sometimes a swirl of colors
star bursts of red
patterns of flare
declarations of the arrival of more woman
than most can handle

i have missed her voice
that confidence married with vulnerability
nothing as powerful as a woman with conviction
wrapped in classic femininity
delivering the goods

from my vantage
i appreciate her poise on heels
small buckle
the bell of her skirt
the chime of calves underneath
in her stance

but it's those flower prints
modern daisies
and my heart still knows the first
of her poems i fell in love with
black eyed susans
their eyes
their knowing

i hear the familiar catch in her voice
a kind of feigned chuckle
her performance so deliberate
turning the frantic freak out
on a dime
into a revel moment
an epiphany from the everyday
the truth from the lies
our histories program in us

she remembers DC to me
Whitman-Walker, U-Street, Van Ness
the squatterpunks, the bus stops
DuPont Circle and the malls of green
that birthed so much of my own awakening

the listeners
leap into upturned flowers
different kinds from the gardens of mixed girlhoods
we eve appled
and we are
watered and photosynthesized
by her elemental delivery
of what we long to hear.

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