Thursday, April 22, 2010

24.30 stream of consciousness say i still miss, is just to say i will always
that's what forever is
the repeat
the memory so strong
time stops you close your eyes and you are there
forever is the thrum of the ache
the heart thud
which is always the same note....

...i feel like i should like them...and i don't
they are annoying
just because they are doing what should be done
doesn't make them less annoying....

...irritated by the press of pillows
if only we could plug in...make sleep a battery....
revisit the origin of burning midnight oil...

doctors make the worst patients, teachers, the worst students
businessmen the worst consumers, mothers the....

...religions all have stories i think i've heard before
written by either the same author, or by members of the same family
a family of many who do similar things, like barrymore, kennedy, but maybe...
maybe more like scripted by periodic table...
i'm to sleep.

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