Monday, April 19, 2010

19.30 Neighborhood Fortune Telling

This corner knows me as eyes
behind a painted window
from budding blossoms
full leaves, nuded limbs
and in betweens.

The intersection of four way stop
neon, twinkling party lights
coffee, bars, gallery and hop 'n'shop
will read cards to you better than
a woman wearing a scarf, fake eye patch
armed with decks of inexplicable wands and bowls.

When the dog pees
on the planter closest to the window:
the middle planter
partly cloudy
furthest away
he's just peeing.

When you don't see fancy man for a few days
worry about your sex life
it will be your own fingers for weeks to
not really come.
If you see him more than once in a week
pimped out in shined shoes, satin bright colors
and Fedora,
you will be twice lucky as long as he carries a bottle
in a brown paper bag.
If you see him twice in a week without a bag,
you will get close, but it will be meaningless.
If you see him on any Sunday
you will become attached.
Fancy man has his own deck of cards
and it's all suits of hearts.

When the high pitched rent boy is around
drama is about to enter your life.
Duh. His.
If you manage to escape talking to him
or keep it short
other forms of drama will also pass you by.

If people who work at the cafe show up
and it isn't their shift
you will have surprise
communication with far flung friends
you haven't checked up on through the internet.
If none arrive,
you will have a week emptier
of social plans than expected.
This is also read as a good time to catch up
with a movie, yourself
on chores.

Don't think of yourself as a chore
or the man in the fuzzy American flag blanket will show up
and he will hang guilt from the eaves of your ribcage
in sighs.

If a man rides by on a bike
with some enclosed shell contraption around it
that's just weird.
That occurance will likely cause
a more surreal element to your dream patterns.

The white flamingos in the yard further down the block
will multiply when you see more wobbly children
pass on the sidewalk
than people running
or otherwise exercising with their leashed

If you sit behind the painted window regularly
fueled by strong, locally roasted coffeebeans,
it's easy to read stories
into anything
that wanders into the frame.

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