Saturday, April 3, 2010

My Queer Wedding Malika 3/30

My Queer Wedding #3 Malika 04.03.10

The groom-
Will be the Best Man
From my best friends wedding-
Complete with the double-x chromosome,
She is the Boi next door,
The Italian Stallion
Kicking in my Stall-
The Man of my Dreams
With the Answer Underneath.
The colors-
Will NOT be “rainbow”-
And The Day
Will be a shared occasion,
With the groom more interested in the floral arrangement
Than the bride,
The roles in this one are
Kind of hazy.
The gown-
Will have a mind of it’s own,
Standing up against the whispers of
Black women in their church hats
Hiding behind their fans-
It will be White
If it Wants To-
Even if my “virtue”
Is in Question-
The bachelorette party
Will be ripe with
Drag Kings catering to my
Every Whim-
Masculinity redefined
And nothing short of Sublime,
The only thing better-
Is Her.
My reality check in
Leather chaps,
The confidante who’s confident that
You should not ask questions
You don’t want the answer to,
She is wise beyond her years.
In My Queer Wedding,
I will indeed
Be marrying
My best friend.
The hardest part
Would be getting ready without her-
It’s bad luck to see the bride before the wedding,
But she is the one who’s there for the preparation,
Seeing me in my least attractive moments
And making me believe it will
Get Better-
She is literally
My personal
And who can step in if she’s not there
To make sure my Nubian Tresses
Are in order?
She’s my reality check in leather chaps,
My Italian Jimminy Cricket-
My Queer Wedding
Will be unconventional,
To say the least,
And if I marry Her,
I will be marrying my best friend
To say the most-
We are the definition of
Namely, we blur the lines,
And the roles in this one are
Kind of hazy.
But we show up,
Life on life’s terms,
For better or for worse.

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