Saturday, April 3, 2010

day 3 & prompt generator #8

Day 3 in National Poetry Month.Still so early and fresh inthe game, some of these prompts of now might help toward the middle & end of the month.As it's pagan egg hiding fertility rite, rebirth Chrisitan fan dom holiday weekend, maybe I'm not-so subliminally gathering eggs for nests later.

Anyway, I went to the High Museum today & sponged up some images there & then came home & found more. The idea of this prompt is to collect an image or a few of your favorites & trigger a poem with it.Write with your eyes.Use another art medium to influence writing.What story does the picture tell? Is it yours or different? Do you superimpose your own on to it or does it give you clues, impressions, mood, flavors, smells, memories? Do you have nostalgia for this particular image (maybe it's the first you saw of an artist you came to love? How was that moment?) Use one of mine if you don't have time to get into one of your own.

(The last painting is a hlluva lot darker and huge in real life, not so obviously oceanic at first)


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