Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Forbidden Fruit (Edward's 4/30)

The Garden of Eden
Has a higher proportion
Of incarceration
Than any other Utopia
So even if it's the land of innovations
And state-of-the-art technology
There's a troubleshooting guide
For their lives
But it's not your version of the Bible
The disciples of the Lord
Will come in the form
Of Arch Angels named
Rudy, Ronald and Richard
That double as wardens of Hell
and gatekeepers of Heaven

But Adam says
He don't need a judgment day
Claims that while he is a made man
He also appointed himself Godfather
He believed he created his creator
Because Geppetto's story
Is worthless without Pinocchio
And the strings on a puppet
Are God's self-esteem running thin

But Eve
Isn't arrogant enough to think
This is a world made for the people
And by the people
So she waits
For the voice of the creator
With a Tommy gun
In her right hand
Because she
Has already lost
Her left fingers
For paying off
The loan sharks
Sent to collect interest
For Adam's ribs
She can't fathom
What her phantom God
Will do for poisoning
Her body with Forbidden fruit

But she's grown used
To paying for her crimes
And she can't hide
God has already wire tapped
Eden's black market with his omnipotence
There are no covert operations
So Eve
Might as well eat
Forbidden fruit in the open
Cuz Eden's
Department of Investigation
Already knows where to perform
SWAT raids
With flash grenades
And tear gas made
From the glow of halos

But Eve
Wasn't the first to be criminalized
There were 13 and 14 more gangstas
Before her
Lilith had her fig trees seized
Without convictions
The Serpent consumed Forbidden fruit
The angels sprayed with herbicides
And was told he deserved to die
Because there were 332 legal fruits in the garden
So God will grant no pardon
To those who hallucinate
That they are naked
God will laminate their nightmares
To their humanity

There will come a day
When Eve wishes God
Would have taken her fingers
From the other hand
Cuz Tommy guns
Don't carry the ammunition
To ease the birthing of children
And epidurals will do nothing
For the pain of Cain killing Abel
And God knowing the murder
Of her youngest will come
Eve will look at what used to be her left hand
And they bloody face of Abel
And wonder why God
Was so intent
On passing laws
That protect her from herself
When they needed safe havens from each other

But prohibition isn't about protection
It's about control
The way Geppetto weaves his story
Into the strings of Pinocchio
Giuliani, Reagan and Nixon's
Propaganda campaigns
Will be pulled from the pages of Genesis
Only when the Bible
Has government subsidized advertisements
So to identify bias is blasphemy
When we will confuse morality with politics
And criminal justice becomes oxymoronic
When 435, 000 will die
From tobacco leaves
That don't grow from the tree of knowledge
And I promise it won't be by the hands of Al Capone
But by government officials
That have God complexes and a collection plate
Where lobbyists can pay
For scriptures that say
Which plants are legal and illegal

We Need to Tax White Privilege (Edward's 3/30)

We need to tax "white privilege"
Taxes on income brackets
The higher the class
The higher the tax
And taxes on privilege brackets
If you Mo' Black, No tax
And Since they can't donate privilege
They need to donate cash...
It ain't charity
If they returnin' what they sto'...

To the nicest house
The one with a 20 acre yard
Take that shit and tell the owner
"you owe me 20 more and a mule"
And those who get tanned,
Should get audited
By the IRS for tax evasion
Property taxes
Should increase
If your house is passed down
Kunta helped built it
So pay that shit
On tax free weekend
The CEO of your multi-billion dollar company
Can finally admit
That his night job is Grand Wizard
Tax Exemptions
Given to all white people in the hood
That know Ghetto is not an adjective...
It's a place you try to move your mom away from

Sale tax
To every white person
That buys into Fox news
Sale tax
To every white liberal
Who buys into the belief
"I'm not racist, I have Black friends!"
And contrary to popular belief,
Obama's Presidency
Will not decrease
The tax rate
On white privilege
Is an economic good
They won't trade....
So tax that shit
For the public welfare
And by public
I mean NOT back to private schools
And by welfare
I DON'T mean
Social Security programs

White people wont be able to write-off
Their privilege by saying
"But I did Peace Corps...
In the country of Africa...
At the risk of catching AIDS"
1st generation Europeans
Will NOT be able to say,
"I don't have to pay, I came here after slavery!"
While simultaneously blending in
To the crowd that NEVER gets 51 shots
Courtesy of NYPD

Whiteness is currency
Old money passed down
With dominant traits of racism
And phenotypes of lynching
Them accidental-passin'-Negroes...
Who grow up "White"
Later to trace their genealogy
And find
Granny was a mammy
They will NOT get tax refunds
There will be inflation
As long as they deny citizenship
To immigrants
And ban gay-marriage
There will be a toll charge
At each intersection
For everyone who drives a Pruis
Because I NEVER seen a
Black person driving them shits
There will be an inheritance tax
For every white baby born
That doesn't know that Walt Witman was a poet
And so the FUCK was Tupac
And the further you live from the hood
The higher you must pay your accountant...

And the white people will boycott the taxes
Dress in Blackface and dance
To hide their identity
We will laugh
And this will be the closest thing to reparations
We ever cash...
And they will wish
To be as comfortable in their skin
As we never were
With the stigma
And the reality
That struggle
Has always stemmed from money
It's just they stole our dignity too
So if they don't give it back
They will lose theirs

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