Tuesday, April 6, 2010

8.30 sprig of spring

spring arrives
as sticky arm creases
unnoticed in winter
the deodorant
crystal rock
doesn't work anymore than a plastic geode

the sun burns
higher water bill
more showers
neighbors bent over flower patches
& sprinkler thieves at 3 am

the trees are fucking
all the plants are sashaying blossoms
to attract better fucking
says the man
wearing a Sunday Easter bonnet
sipping lemonade with cronies
at the edge of piedmont park

by monday
we sniff and snort
crowd the pharmaceutical drug aisles
from the cocaine of nature
pollen chartreuse

night doesn't offer relief
the moon becomes moldy cheese
between the trees & the greenish fog
sap drips on windshields
and veils of dew help stir the glue

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